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Beitrag  mirco am Di Aug 23, 2011 7:52 pm

Apply now BKC clan and be a member. Create a new topic, copy this apply formular and write down the answers.

-> Ingame name:
-> Age:
-> Did you had another SAMP name? If yes, which:
-> How long do you play SAMP?:
-> Did you had other clans?:
-> If yes, why not anymore?:
-> Your favourite weapon:
-> Do you cheat? Did you cheat?:
-> Did you read the clan rules?:
-> Do you have ICQ?:
-> Do you have TS and a headset?:
-> Your Sawnoff skills (0-10):
-> Your Script skills (0-10):
-> Your walkweapon skills (0-10):
-> Your Race skills (0-10):
-> Write about you

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